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Reseller Terms & Conditions

What We Expect From You

WebGrip does not impose many rules on its Dealers, but we do expect you to adhere to the following guidelines.

Dealers will be terminated if found to be doing any of the following:
* Selling an account to multiple clients
* Selling any package under Set Prices (See Setting Price)
* Bouncing checks to WebGrip for IP's or other packages
* Paying for Packages with fraudulent Credit Cards
Violation of Federal / State laws while repping/marketing the program
* Selling the packages under false pretenses or blatant misrepresentations of the programs capabilities and/or features

WebGrip Inc. reserves the right to terminate and prosecute any Dealer found breaking any of the guidelines listed above. We are committed to helping our Dealers succeed, and will work with you in any way we can to ensure your success. If you ever have any questions regarding your business practices, methods of marketing, or represenstation of the program please feel free to contact us

A Dealer's own personal account is not subject to a commissionable sale. All subsequent accounts are available for the discounted 50% pricing.

If an Affiliate/Dealer terminates their own account or charges back an account

all commissions due will be forfeited and no longer paid to Affiliate.

Merchant Account Use...

One of the benefits we have lined up for our Dealers is the ability to utilize our Merchant account to process their client's orders. Along with this benefit, we have a couple guidelines that MUST be followed. These guidelines are set up to ensure that we can continue to provide this service and so you get to keep all the profits from your sales.

Once you have placed an order for a package from our order system, we will process the card and then send you (the dealer) the Registration Number to pass on to your client. When you send the Registration Number to your client, you MUST Include the following statement:

"Please Note: Your Credit Card will show WebGrip Inc. our parent company, as the processor for this transaction for a total of $XX. Plus Tax if applicable."

The reason we require this is twofold. First it lets your clients know that we will be processing the charge and not your company. When the charge shows up on their statement they will know exactly who it has come from, thus reducing the chance of getting a "Charge Back." If you are unfamiliar with this term is simply means that someone calls their credit card company and disputes the charge because they don't know who it came from. When this happens, here's what goes on behind the scenes:

*Credit Card Company notifies us that a client is disputing a charge
*We have to look up this client's information so that we can contact them
*We contact client and let them know what the charge was for
*We then ask the client if they were notified that we would be processing the charge on their account. If they were not notified by the Dealer, we will contact that Dealer and notify them of the problem.
*If the client decides to continue with the Charge Back then we will do the following: 1. We will disable the client's Registration Number(s). 2. If a commission has already been paid to the Dealer we will debit this charge against the Dealer's next commission check.

Failure to comply with these guidelines can result in the termination of your Dealership. We understand that there will be honest mistakes and general human error, but we will operate under the 3 Strikes Philosophy. If we see an abuse of our system or blatant disregard of the guidelines on multiple occasions, your Dealership will be revoked. We think this is a valuable service to our Dealers and will continue to offer this service as long as it is not abused.

If you have any questions on these guidelines, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Bulk Mail AKA (Spam) Policy

Host-Smart will not allow anyone to bulk mail our domain. If anyone is caught bulk mailing you account will be terminated immediately and you will forfeit all services and payment of services.

Violations of these Policies should be referred to

All complaints will be investigated promptly.



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